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Test Your Tingles! Sleep Clinic ASMR Sensitivity Test Roleplay w/ Many Triggers

ASMR Massage PsychetruthMay 7, 2017

ASMR Binaural Brain Scratching [Test]

Fairy Char ASMRMay 6, 2017

Tinglestorm! I Unbox You! ASMR Surprise; Variety of triggers l tapping, scratching, brushing & More

ASMR Massage PsychetruthMay 4, 2017

ASMR Whispered Summer Clothing Haul with Zaful

ASMR DarlingMay 4, 2017

(G)Loves ASMR | Feeling Your Face

Fairy Char ASMRMay 4, 2017

Amazing Fluffy Ear Massage ASMR – SR3D Binaural Microphone Mic Brushing & Touching

ASMR Massage PsychetruthMay 2, 2017

ASMR Sleep, Love ~ Deep Binaural Brain Scratching

Fairy Char ASMRMay 2, 2017

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